16 September 2013

The Hogle Zoo and childhood relived

Just so you know, if you're still five years old like we are, you will very much enjoy the Hogle Zoo.
Or any zoo really.
It was on our list of things to do all summer,
so when I got back from Boston...
 it was a must.

I got giddy and nostalgic remembering when I used to go to the zoo on field trips.
And Jay posed with the gorillas in our true small-child-type-of-fun fashion.
And I laughed and laughed at the lemurs lounging in their little swings.
[as they naturally reminded me of King Julian]

And that was how we said goodbye to summer. 
That, and spent an inordinate amount of time watching movies and sleeping in for a day or two.

Then, in a move that is typical of our spur-of-the-moment fathers,
we were swept off to different states for different adventures.

And summer ended with a bang.
A bang that will be further explained in a subsequent post.

Until then, my husband is really cute.

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  1. Jay dragging his knuckles...is the best. love love love


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