21 September 2013

I love love. and pie... that too.

To weeks ago, 
some sweet soul brought a box of peaches to church. 
And gave them away... for free moneys.
Naturally, I took a few and began to scour some of my favorite cooking blogs.
This recipe, as should not shock those who know me, caught my full attention. 
yes yes yes.
And two people in my office got engaged...
so, peaches+cream+pie+LOVE?! 
It truly doesn't get better than having a legitimate reason to bake,
[and an office full of boys to eat it, because heaven knows I would eat it alone]
and you know I did a love dance and squealed lots and lots. 
It was a week for the record people. I love love.
and pie.

And as far as the recipe goes? So good. So very good.
Had I heard of creme fraiche before? Negatory. 
Heck, I don't really even know how to pronounce it.
But if it smells like cream cheese, and kinda looks like cream cheese, 
and finds its home in a pie?
I'm all about that. Put it in my pie, and my oven, and my stomach.
I used grandma's pie crust recipe instead of the recipe called for...
and I did not do the whole freezing your crust and par-baking crap. 
[all respect to Smitten Kitchen, but I don't swing that way when it comes to pies]
And I used all the extra amounts of sugar. 

And, in case you were wondering, I have about an inch and a half of counter space
[or so it seems]
so you will never see any of my recipes on the counter. 
Only the table. Or the oven...... or my dryer. 
And yes, my dryer is in my kitchen. 
Apparently that's a thing.


  1. Oh my, that looks divine. I also love how beautiful all of your photos are, even in your own kitchen.


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