05 September 2013

dinner party for four, please.

If you were wondering. ..no, I am not through telling you about Boston.  

Let's be serious,  if I wanted I could go for days.
I could tell you about  our sister date where we dressed in six inch platforms and saw a teeny bopper movie with the largest diet coke you've ever seen. Or I could tell you about all of the throngs of people who admire Clara on the street and in the stores.  Or I could tell you about the most intense baby kiss I've ever received that caught the attention of a whole crowd at a stop light.  Or about Watson the Corgi and his antics at the park.

But, if you were wondering who throws the greatest dinner parties, 
i will tell you the award goes to Jess.
I aspire to be as cute as her,
but sadly admit to eating dinner in front of the couch with Jay more often than lets that be possible.

Our last night together Steve was home and he, Clara, and I 
were ordered on no uncertain terms to stay upstairs as dinner was about to come out of the oven.
We obeyed happily and came back down to nothing less than a feast.  
And a lovely feast that spared no detail, per the usual.
Candles, dirty diet coke (or a clean-dirty diet coke?), straws, 
napkins in porcelain holders, salad with fresh mozzerella, 
and homemade pizza. 
Win, win, win all the way around. 
Oh and a fat baby to entertain! 
Win some more!

Truly,  the woman is a hostessing genius.
She knows how to make a girl feel special.

And she sent me back to Utah with leftover pizza and a croissant. 
Best airport food I've ever had, I do declare.

And a blurry photo [but a good one] to end the Boston posts.
Bless Steve's soul for humoring us the whole five days long.

I love you, Jessica Holly!

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  1. I'm reading this and blushing Tay!!!! I'm not really that cool.


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