30 August 2013

white trim and shutters

White trim and shutters.
That is how I will always remember New England.
That, and quaint little towns.
Maybe I have a skewed perspective, but so it will be.
All over America, I feel like the towns run together and big stores are plentiful.
New England has a darling Main Street full of tiny businesses and brick buildings
with white trim in every town.
It makes me think I could live there, though I never thought I dare think the thought.

Lincoln and Concord did not disappoint.
We showed up to find the farmers market,
but were disappointed to find only four lonely tents in a parking lot.
Soooo, we got Mango popsicles instead and took a walk.
We discovered old men walking their dogs, a tiny public garden,
and a brick gas station with darling wooden benches.

New England, thanks for charming me.

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