13 August 2013


The two weeks before we got married [with finals and packing and everything else]
we only saw each other for an hour per day, tops.
I remember thinking it was going to be such a dream come summer when I could see Jay all the time.

Um, yes.
That was one of the few things I guessed right about marriage.
This time together has been the best.
Somehow though, date night is still needed.
There's something about getting out of the house,
dressing up, doing your hair [*cough cough*],
and going to a museum, or dinner, or a picnic.
Honestly, the what is less important.

So typically Jay leaves one full day of each weekend open, and we date each other.
We've made a habit lately of going to a different temple each week on date night and it's so fun.
We have gone to Oqurirh Mountain and Timpanogos, and this week we went to Bountiful.
Also, the Norman Rockwell Boy Scout exhibit in Salt Lake- it's so good! [and free. score]
The man was amazing. Holy.

Now I'm in full force moving mode.
We are moving out of our baby apartment!
Our current apartment is smaller than most single-wide trailers,  I looked.
But you know, we watched a documentary on sea gypsies this week,
and they live with four other people in a fishing boat. So no complaints.
Life's good.

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  1. So glad date night is a good habit you are forming from the start. Enjoy!!!


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