23 August 2013

I moved I moved!

We are moved in as of this last week, thank the heavens.
Jay’s mom and sisters [and all seven of my inherited little people] have been in town.
So our new little apartment has already seen it's share of 
kisses, cuddles, bedtime stories and  sticky fingers.

And now I'm in Boston with the best big sister that I could ever have asked for. 
Seriously though, look at this blog post and you will understand. 
She takes care of me.  
And we are gallavanting around and going to bed late,
and cuddling her sweet baby every waking moment of the day I'm sure.

[Contributors to the sticky finger affair going on at my apartment before I left- apartment lighting is the worst...]
Get ready for a good old fashioned fat-baby picture overload in the next couple days!

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  1. You are the best, Taylor. Still can't believe we just crashed your place with two minutes' warning. We are the best inherited family EVER. Ugh. But I'm so glad your sister is actually taking care of YOU since you deserve it. Thanks for everything.


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