10 August 2013

engagement: a small memoir.

Being in love has been a very personal, vulnerable thing for me.
Vulnerable makes it seem fragile, but that's not so.
Not this love, not the one that's forever.
It was just mine, and something that close to your heart is hard to share sometimes.
So I didn't feel like I wanted to share that part of my life on the internet.

The proposal was perfect: just the two of us, him on one knee, me taken off guard.
He told me he loved me, and wanted to spend his life with me.
I honestly don't remember everything he said...
maybe my shaking hands clasped over my mouth were impairing my hearing.
I hugged him tight, being absolutely speechless.
He suggested that he would like to hear the word yes, and I willingly said the word.

And now my fate is sealed to his, and wedding planning has begun in full force.

I found this saved as a draft in my old blog.
Why it never got posted, I'm not sure.
I thought I would post it now as an explanation,
and for some of you an apology of sorts.
Jay was my first love, and now will be my only love.
And being caught up learning how to be in love,
my feelings felt very personal and tender.

So, you didn't hear a lot from me for a while.
I suppose I just took a few of my allotted "personal days".
Thanks for sticking with me.

[ps this picture was taken just before the first time we ever looked at wedding rings! eek!]

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  1. You guys are way too freaking cute. I love you in love.


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