08 August 2013

to my bub

Zane and I share the middle of the family.
He is the only boy,
but somehow inherited more sweet than all of his sisters combined I'm pretty sure.
He was the brother who would take out your trash if you asked...
even if you had nothing better to do than to take it out yourself.
No questions asked, just served you with a smile.

Sure, he was a boy sometimes.
He forgot dinner dates and made silly mistakes.
But oh boy, I sure love that kid.
From trips to Texas, to high school track practice,
to Sunday dinners at college.
We've been through a lot together.
[as evidenced in the lovely pictures below]

And today is his birthday!
Right now he is far away, and I miss him dearly.
Not because he's my brother- because he's my friend.
He will be gone from us for two years,
as he preaches what makes us both the happiest in the whole world:
The good news of the gospel.
The message that Christ lives and loves you.
Very much.

So, to the boy who women of all ages adore.
The boy who still lets me call him bub,
and is the cutest uncle to Baby Clara I've ever known.
To the boy who wears a full coyote skin on his head,
and your grandfather's sweaters.

I love you, and hope you have the best birthday.
And I hope somebody feeds you something good tonight.
Because as awesome as the paper cake I sent you was,
it will only fill your heart.
My bad.


  1. So cute! Makes me think of my litter brother (who is getting married in 2 weeks!!!)...so sweet, so innocently forgetful, so kind :)

  2. I think Zane enjoys picking you up, or you enjoy being picked up by Zane. Either way. I luff him. and you. a lot.

  3. Aawww his doing such a great job! Blessed to have met him. And I made him a Flan cake & arroz con leche! We even had a bday hat for him he then said that u guys do something like that back at home. Su espanol es maravilloso. Its amazing how much he has learned. And about taking the garbage out with a smile yea this kid serves everyone with a bright happy smile. Amazing job sharing the Gospel en Espanol y English! Doing great things...bittersweet his leaving to argentina next week! But looking forward to hear how it goes over there!


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