05 August 2013

my wedding day: my people and the details

Ok, so I was blessed.
There will be no denying that.

I had a bridesmaid who told me after the wedding day,
"you just seemed so calm and happy"
Half of that was because I knew that if I started being stressed....
I would lose it.
Maybe selfishly, I decided that I just didn't care to be anything but happy.
So I was.
The larger half was because of my people.
If I can say one thing about my wedding day it would be that.
Guests, bridesmaids, family, family, family.
I was with my people, and because of that I was happy.

My bridesmaids came to my house early in the morning, and hair and makeup ensued.
The "thank you" succulents were thought to be lost and found dried out in an upside down box,
and bridesmaids came to the rescue.
I learned that mine were the best kind.
Helpful, never complaining, and standing by my side both metaphorically and physically.

My sister was my maid (ok, so she's a matron) of honor and everything I could have ever hoped to have.
She forced me to go to bed and laid out my pajamas and hung my dress in the window.
She did my makeup and was equally as giddy as I was [if not more. per the usual] about the day ahead.

I wore mom's tennis bracelet that I helped pick out with dad, 
and all the commotion happened in my hometown 
and in my very favorite place in that town: my home. 

My place, my people, and small details made for the most wonderful morning.
And the start to the most wonderful day.


  1. I love those pics of me doing your makeup!!!!! #precious

  2. Ok so I need more pictures maybe all of them just click and send. you are beautiful and ditto to Jessica about loving the makeup pictures!

  3. Gorgeous pics and people. Love them.


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