01 August 2013

childhood, brotherhood

I only had one brother,
so I don't think I understood the concept of brothers until I married Jay.
I mean, I heard stories about my dad and his brother....
but fist-fights, Bb guns, and gruesome dares?
I figured they were an extreme case.
Let me tell you, I was wrong.

And these two.....
let me start by telling you that Elliot had no groomsmen.
Jay was away on his mission during his wedding,
so if Elliot couldn't have Jay he just wouldn't have anybody.
[or so that's what I was told] 

Basically, they love each other.
[and I believe picture 2 shows it]
My husband will undoubtedly not approve of my posting that picture,
but I think it shows their relationship very near perfectly.
You see, in Elliot's toast to us at our reception,
he talked about how Jay has the ability to help you laugh through the hard times.
He talked about hard times in his life,
and how Jay was the one to help him through.
Now that I'm married to that wonderful boy, I understand what he meant.
He knows them, and I won't state them here, but he has a million ways to make me laugh.

When we went to the little league fields,
[I'm not going to say that was the only time it happened]
Lilian and I were left to chat while the boys enjoyed the nostalgia together.
Playing "baseball" and silly dancing were most certainly involved.

After reliving so many "brother" memories Jay has often remarked that he hopes to have boys.
Mischievious, fun loving little boys.
In a way, I think he wants a mini version of what him and Elliot had.

Half of me hopes we have a whole passel of them.
The other half of me hopes not.
After all, I've heard all the stories.


  1. Yeah, the rocking chair story? You've heard that one haven't you? For the sake of your daughters, I'll pray you only have one boy :)

  2. So happy to have Jay in our family! So happy he is yours. So happy you are thinking about have children (haha)

  3. LOL to Kara's comment.

    Brad is really into the brothers thing too. Makes him want to try for another one. Seriously?


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