10 January 2017

18 months for Rory

It seems like there's something new every day during this phase. There are constantly new words or "isms"... like her pushing us around, her little bowlegs and pigeon toes, her obsessing over our "eyebows", or laying face down on the ground when she's upset.

Some days are a constant battle of wills and I go to bed mentally beat. But some days I get hugs, kisses, nuzzles, and 'I love yous' the whole day through and all those hard moments are forgotten.

Things I don't want to forget:
-Her fuzzy little alfalfa hair when she wakes up in the morning.
-She approaches me at least 3 times a day asking me to "play",
-Is constantly "shushing" and rocking her baby that Nana got her for Christmas.
-Hands me her binky and her blanket the moment I come to get her from her crib so we can cuddle.
-Currently has pushed my computer off my lap so she can sit there to read a book.
-Is constantly asking for cookies (pronounced "kiki"). A legitimate cookie monster.
-Can smell Hi-Chews from a mile away. If I'm eating one in the front seat of the car, she smells it from her carseat.
-Continues her passion for shoes, and asks me to put some on her every morning before she's even gone downstairs.
-Went through an incredibly fierce mommy phase about a month ago. It has since cooled off, but during the holidays if I was ever out of her sight she would call my name on repeat.
-Has the best cheesy, gap tooth grin and fake laugh you've ever heard.
-Is more in love with Boo every day and if she's not in the toy closet she's typically lounging on Boo's bed giving her repeated kisses.
-Loves any type of ball and loves to dribble or play catch.
-Hands me my phone so we can FaceTime Nana, Papa, Zane, or Brooke multiple times per day.
-When she can't find something, or I ask where something is, she inevitably responds with "I-da-know?" or "([Inanimate object].....whey-are youuuu?"
-She will spontaneously look at you and say your name with a big cheeser, or give multiple kisses in a row while basically bouncing her face off of yours.
*Things I forgot: When she reaches up and says "holdyou?", says "otay" in rapid fire repeat to any question you ask [e.g. Would you like some eggs? Otay.] and especially when she says "I sorryyy" anytime she hurts herself. It's beyond cute.

Basically, she's a riot and we really like her.

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