30 October 2015

Happy Halloween: year of the tiny unicorn

This year Rory and I were Unicorn twins. It all started when we were trying to think of what to be without buying too much new stuff. We aren't going to be home for actual Halloween, and Rory can't really be into it all too much this year anyways, but we had to do something! I mean look at the cheeks I have to work with!

Anyways, on a Harry Potter themed string of thoughts I had visions of unicorns and it was history from there. Some pink felt, white t-shirt scraps, and leftover craft flowers later, we had ourselves a tiny unicorn. 

I tried to get some smiles out of her before the party, but it just wasn't happening. I even enlisted Boo, but she ended up being more in the way than helpful. So I gave up and waited for Jay.  As I anticipated, daddy got all kinds of smiles out of her. Forgive the horrible church building lighting, but pictures of a us as unicorn twins are worth all the bad lighting in the world for this mama. 

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