17 October 2015

Four months in the world

Oh my, it just keeps getting better.
4 months is my favorite age yet. Month three kept getting better and better and it's crowning achievement is this point in the game.

At 4 months Rory:

-Is so expressive-the faces this girl makes are so good. My sister-in-law explained it this way, "she looks like Taylor but has Jay's expressions". I don't know about the first part, but the second is spot on! We now have a collection of pictures in which she is making the same face as Jay on accident.

-Is a sleeping champion. At night she sleeps from between 7-8p until 6-7a, then typically goes back to bed for another hour and a half post-nurse. That gives me time to shower and eat breakfast all before she is up for the day, which is a dream. Naps are still a little less routine, but most times there are two 1 hour naps, and one 2 hour nap. [edit- we've had some weird nights with this whole 4 month sleep regression stuff. not happy.]

-Loves being outside. She still has a small fussy period for the hour right before she goes to bed. It's really totally manageable, we just keep her distracted. Want a toy? Let's play a game! I'll tickle you! Often we go on a walk to the mailboxes because being outside is just the best thing. And she loves Boo. Sweet puppy still about has a heart attack when little kids come around [she wants to pounce on them and play], but she's a total champion around Rory. She sniffs her and licks her toes and sits by her swing to watch her. Sometimes if I leave the room, I will find Boo with her upper body right inside the swing upon my return.

-She is constantly standing up and blowing socks. If you ever pull her arms up to help her sit, she locks her knees and stands all the way up. She's not really a fan of sitting up, but standing she loves. Also, she has the skinniest feet and it is so hard to find socks that fit, much less stay on. She is constantly losing one or both.

-She is still fond of the serious face [but her cheeks basically sit on her collarbone, so I don't mind], but is starting to give out more smiles! She is still selective about it, but the ones she gives are the best thing ever. Huge, eyes closed, wide mouth, gummy smiles. We live for those, and both receive them more than anyone else. Perks of being a parent!

-Is still tall, but leveling off. There was a moment there where she was growing out of everything and I started getting a little over zealous and buying a size up thinking she'd be in it in two seconds. Now she's in all of the 6 month clothes I bought, but anything 6-9 months is typically still a bit too big. She's just beneath 90th percentile for height.

-We are getting better about nursing. She still has days/feedings where she struggles, but overall I really love breastfeeding. And thank heavens for that, because the little pistol still doesn't want anything to do with a bottle. We try, and she can take it, she just throws a fit and most of the time I give up on the bottle and let her eat.

-Is really curious. The doctor commented on how observant she is at her last appointment. She stares intently at her feet and hands, mom and dad, food, Boo, the sky, her toys. She just inspects everything.

-Let's us cuddle and squish her. She likes to be held tight, and especially after naps will put her chubby cheek right on your shoulder and relax. It's easily one of my favorite things, and more often than not I wrap both arms around her and tell her how much I love her while my great about bursts. Oh, and she typically doesn't only wake up cuddly, but in the mornings she wakes up with the BIGGEST grin. I can't help but be happy to be awake with her when she does that.

-She still loves her pacifier and sucking on her hands. She regularly chokes herself by sticking her fingers so far back in her mouth that she gives herself the gag reflex... which is half funny and half completely alarming.

-She has her dad's cowlick and birthmark, little brown hairs and her mama's mouth, and Nana's green eyes. We are just so in love and constantly say to each other [even on hard days] how glad we are we  have her.

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  1. Oh my gosh she's right!! The 7th picture is a total Jay face!!!


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