18 November 2014

A week in Dallas

There aren't too horribly many things going on in the Winters household these days but work.
And then home for dinner and then sleep and repeat. 
Am I the only one who feels this way?

But a few weeks ago I broke from that reality and spent a week in Dallas!
You see, my mother-in-law watches my nephew during the day while my sister-in-law 
and brother-in-law are in school, but she had another new grandbaby (lucky grandma, right?!)
and was needed elsewhere to help a different new mom for a week. 
So I got to fill in and watch a newborn baby!

Not to mention I got to spend a week full of evenings with my sister and brother-in-law, 
and my father-in-law (who are some of my favorite people). 
Mostly we ate take out and watched Seinfeld when everyone got home, and it was awesome.

But really I just needed to share these pictures I took of Lilian back before she had sweet Eli. 
Is it so crazy how fast time goes?
And could anybody be cuter pregnant?
Not to mention she's also a darling mother and the best sister-in-law. 
I totally lucked out with her.

And speaking of time going fast, we're heading back to Dallas this weekend for Thanksgiving. 
How did that happen?!

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