16 October 2014

Favorite Fall 'fings'

Mostly the ranch is our favorite fing. Ever.
Even though we're stoked for law school and starting that chapter, we will be sad to leave.
As for what we're up to, I have made multiple batches of molasses cookies.
And yes, multiple meaning four. Four batches. And we ate them.
And I love making homemade bread with my mom. We've made six loaves-two times.
I may have also made two batches of creamed eggs within the same week.
My waistline is in for it if my idea of fall continues to include only comfort food.

California hasn't really gotten cold enough for fall clothing or fires in the stove,
but we light a fire more often than necessary and I cheat and wear fall clothes on the pretense that my office is cold.

Happy Fall from California. Pray for rain for us, would you?

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