18 November 2013

my people.

I am grateful for my family. They really are my people.
I believe that we are all sent to our specific families for a purpose.
I once heard a theory from a professor that when we were sent to earth,
we were sent into the situation that would prepare us best for eternity.
I believe that.

Faults, "isms", quirks, bad days and all.
They get me in ways that nobody else understands,
not even Jay sometimes.
They have years and years of knowing me.
They know not only my faults, but they have seen them form.
They know not only the good things, but how hard I've worked on them.
I never have to explain myself to them, or pretend to be anything I'm not.
And in our world, that's a pretty rare thing.

Also, I get to see them in less than a week!
So grateful.


  1. Love this wonderful family of yours.

  2. I am counting down the days till I see you, and we are all together!!! Oh HAPPY Day. I love you and I love our family.

  3. Clara gets you Tay. She loves you no matter what.


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