10 October 2013

blogging, a bit of a perfectionism problem, & a birthday

First I want to say thank you
to those of you who reached out and showed gratitude for my last post.
I can't emphasize it enough- we are not alone in this world,
we just need to have courage and be open.
We need each other. Or at least I need you.

Anyways.... let's talk about this blog.
Here's the issue.
I like blogging, I really do.
I like my camera. I like taking pictures. I like it all.
...but I'm gone most days, and cook when I get home and it's dark and lighting is horrible.
But I'm a freak- and feel like I can't create a post without an accompanying picture.
So thus, my writing comes few and far between.

BUT today let's talk about birthdays.
Because they're awesome. and important.
And it's my opinion that everyone should feel special on their birthday.
I think it should be yours too.
Why? Because people are important, and I've thought that since the dawn of time.
And everybody. Good or bad, spoiled rotten or nearly forgotten,
deserves for someone to make them feel special on their birthday.
And all you need is five dollars worth of confetti, streamers, and cake mix really.

And sometimes, you get to come home for your sister's fifteenth birthday,
and don't have many options except for a hotel room and a car.
So you buy all the nail polish and junk food you can gather.
(Including the best dark chocolate raspberry bar I've ever tasted)
And you sing really loud in the car, and paint your nails,
and girl talk until ridiculous hours (or at least ridiculous hours for non-fifteen year olds...)
and decorate like mad while said birthday girl is sleeping.

And speaking of the birthday girl. Man, I love her.
She is the life of the party and the best friend and mother of literally all who she comes in contact with.
She has the best sense of style....ever, and is absolutely adored by everyone.
She is a baby whisperer like my mama, and chuck full of sarcasm like my daddy.
She is one of my favorite people on the good earth and I will love her until the day I die.
Actually, I will love her forever.
I'm glad you picked me to be your sister Brooke, I couldn't have picked a cooler friend if I tried.
And hollaback for being in the homecoming court this week,
and at the Jason Aldean concert right now.
You are quite literally the coolest.

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