16 July 2013

4018 childhood lane

The house.
The house was maybe tied with the elementary school for the most giddy adventure of our whole trip.
The closer we got, the more memories seemed to emerge.
We used to ride our bikes over here!
We used to get cini-minis for breakfast there!
That's the hardware store that used to give us popcorn!
Then we got to the street, and I wish I would have filmed the reactions.
oh my gosh. oh my gosh, this is crazy! 
Then came the house.
I guess there will just always be something special about the house you grew up in.
I will never forget mine. The green house on the hill.
[I could still recite the address and give the floorplan, I'm sure.] 
And there was something especially charming about this childhood home.

Have you ever been to Washington?
From what I hear it's pretty gloomy nine months of the year,
but when you catch it on one of it's good days....
it's magical.
And boy did we ever.

I have to admit,
aside from the scenery...
it wasn't half bad seeing my favorite boy all giddy reliving his 10 year old memories either.


  1. Childhood is magical and I can still recite our address on Apache Rd too :)

  2. So happy for this post! It is a beautiful home and garden no wonder it has magical memories!

  3. This is so fun to see! Thank you for the pics, Taylor. The add-on to the deck is gorgeous. Wow.


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