27 April 2017

Here's to four years!

Some of my favorite memories and photos of one of my favorite days in the entire world. 
Four years ago right this minute I entered the temple and made promises to love and be faithful to my favorite boy. That dimple and those blue eyes became mine forever, and I'm so grateful I made that wonderful, scary, life-changing promise. 

Nobody is perfect and no marriage is perfect but some of my favorite things about Jay and our marriage right now are.

The I love yous. There is never a shortage of I love yous and hugs in our household. 

Bedtime! Guys, I love bed. And I love sleep. And I love cuddling in for the night at 9 o'clock and talking about our days...and being old people that go to sleep early. It's always been my dream. Ask my college roommates who sabotaged my early-bedtime attempts.

Our home! I love our house and our yard and our roses and our kitchen...just everything about it. 

I love watching Jay be a dad. Not that I haven't loved that for the last almost 2 years, but Rory is a full blown toddler these days, and it's totally Jay's jam. There's wrestling and pillow fights and funny voices and a lot of laughing. 

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