26 March 2017

Rory: almost 2

I feel like the months are becoming less and less important in the grand scheme. She's learning new things all the time, but there's no massive milestones we're crossing lately. So she's not really 21 months as much as she is almost 2.

At this age Rory:
-loves making people laugh, and laughing with them
-calls any and all humans within earshot "friends" (everybody at church is greeted "Hi friends!")
-is a fan of any type of nursery/daycare. Still runs to greet us when we come back, which is the best feeling in the world. Big smiles and toddler running together are pure gold.
-plays way better with kids 5+ than kids her own age
-would stay out in the yard with the neighborhood gang (who love her) all night if I'd allow it.
-loves Jesus and puppies the most, and is constantly saying "hi Jesus" out loud to all pictures of Him.
-tells completely unintelligible stories and similar songs all day long. Mostly about Boo.
-says the BEST prayers, which include a lot of interjections about Jesus and things she would like to repeat her thankfulness for (i.e. we're thankful for Mom, and dad, *AND RORY* and Boo *AND JESUS*) She said the loudest prayer of gratitude in Target the other day and had literally everyone in the isles busting a gut. "Thank you for mom....and Jesus, and Boo.... and Jesus... and Brookie....and mom"
-Is constantly announcing "I'm running!" or "I spinning, spinning spinning"
-Is still obsessed with shoes. Wears average three different pairs per day. Also sunglasses. And pockets. Any outfit with pockets is her favorite. Wait- I forgot bows! She requests that every bow she can find goes either in her hair or Boo's hair. "two bows, mom" is a common request.
-hates anything on her fingers, and had a breakdown because she had dirt between her toes after playing outside yesterday. It's frustrating sometimes, but mostly makes my life cleaner so I try to appreciate it.
-Is feisty, and I probably have to make her apologize 10 times a day (which she doesn't love doing), but is extremely bright and is typically pretty easy to reason with which makes it  manageable.
-Still has the best bathing suit thighs, and they're tan already bc serious obsession with "outside"

Tiny homegirl spreads love and giggles and high fives and smiles everywhere she goes and she is the sunshine in our life.

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