23 June 2016

It is what's ahead, not behind.

High school is such a fun, confusing time when the world is at your fingertips
and it still mostly feels small and safe. 
Your world still resides largely inside a bubble that feeds, clothes, and protects you. 
Dating is friendly and fun and innocent and doesn't have to go anywhere.
Half of me envies that stage, then the other half of me remembers how hard it can be too.
You don't have freedom to do and be where you want yet, 
society hasn't caught up to how grown up you feel, 
and you really haven't figured yourself out for most of those years. 
I spent far too many hours worrying about whether people could see the fat on my legs 
when I sat in my desk, or wishing I had somebody else skin or clothes or body.
I wish somebody would have by some miracle made me understand that none of that really matters, and that the best is yet to come. 
The realest, deepest felt, most expanding, life changing experiences are still out there. 
Enjoy high school for what it is! Don't wish for it to be different or over. 
And be so excited for what's just around the bend, it is so so good if you choose it.
It's what's ahead, not as much what's behind that makes up the rest of your life.
Brooke, congratulations! You were so great in high school 
and I wish I would have been more like you in so many ways. 
As with all, you will be great in this next chapter too. So proud of you!

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