21 June 2016

Cousin love: the Winnie & Rory show

I feel like every trip (I've been home basically 3 months in a row now. so lucky, I know)
there's a new dynamic going on between the three baby girl cousins.
Up until this trip, Rory was fairly chill and immobile, so Clara looked at her more like a babydoll.
She loved all over "baby cousin" and always wanted to hug and kiss her and bathe with her etc.
But this past trip Rory was more vocal and standing up and walking against things!
Winnie, up to this point, has been kind of indifferent to Rory.
Like, "look small-fry, you're kind of in my space and I can take toys from you."
But this visit, Winnie and Rory were mutually enthralled. It was so fun!
We were all giddy observers of all the hugs, kisses, and squawking between the two of them.
Winnie received more kisses from Rory than I have in the past two months, the lucky stinker.

And I couldn't pass up a chance to snap some photos of the three cousins in their matching rompers.
All the heart eyes over here. We're obsessed with this girl-power trio.


  1. oh the little expressions here are absolutely priceless!! what beautiful, sweet things they are!!!

    1. Thank you! Seriously, we can't get enough of them. Little girls are to die for. (Though I will say little Rocco is pretty darling..)

  2. Oh how I love these three perfect princesses!


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