04 December 2015

the cousin show

Really, it's more like the Clara/Rory show.
Winnie was around and about, but was more interested in other things & crawling around,
though she'd give Rory a poke or two and a gummy smile sometimes.
(someday they will be friends, but Rory isn't quite interesting enough just yet)
But Clara- oh my, that girl could not get enough.
Thanksgiving morning, she wanted to crawl in Rory's crib when we went to get her up.
And after that insisted on bath time with "baby cousin" (she rarely calls her Rory)
There were a lot of full body hugs and silly faces and voices, and Rory loved it all.
She still smiles every time I play the video of Clara jumping (basically on her) in the crib
and singing something akin to "How-de-do" in a baby voice on repeat.

Cousins. are. the. best.
I can't wait to see these three little girls grow up together.

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