19 November 2015

My favorite boy had a birthday!

Ok, I love birthdays. Love love love them. It's my one excuse in the year to exert all my energy and love into one person and it's the best. I wish I could always ignore chores and real life and bombard people with love and gifts and confetti and streamers instead.

Jay happens to be a pretty easy customer when it comes to birthday requests. All he ever requests is for me to make no plans and hang out with him and eat food and watch movies (this year it happened to be steak and star wars) Also a lot of back scratches, but let's be real that's an ongoing request.

So that's what we did! Zane came over for an early breakfast, Rory woke up early to see dad off to work, we went out to lunch, and came home to hang out as a family and eat the aforementioned steaks. And despite my baking addiction, I got phish food ice cream, because I've learned that no matter how gourmet and amazing the dessert... 9 times out of 10 he would still prefer ice cream. There may have been dinosaur candles involved.

So 6 things I love about Jay (26 would be a little excessive in his eyes, though I could list a million):

1. His blue eyes!
2. The dimple.
3. His love of hunting. We will never starve.
4. How passionate he is. If he loves something or thinks something, he's all in.
5. The humor. I will always have something to laugh about as long as I'm married to Jay.
6. His dedication to making things work. Whether it's a broken phone or a tough argument, he doesn't give up easily. He always strives to understand and get to the bottom of it. There's no throwing away anything that can be fixed in our household, and I love that.

I'm so grateful for the way you lived the 23 years before we met, and the 3 years since.
You are the best person I know and I love you and our happy little life together!

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