06 April 2015

30 weeks and life is wild

We have so many things to say! Our brains are swimming! The future is full of all kinds of changes.
Some of you know what's going on with us, and some of you don't.
We decided it's about time to blanket update you all now that things are more sure.
A while back we decided to make a slight course shift and as we prayed and weighed options,
Jay decided to take the business route and apply for jobs for after he finishes school this spring.
Amid the excitement about it we researched and thought and kept praying for things to work,
and Jay started the interview process.

And last week Jay was offered a position at Qualtrics which we are so excited for and feel so good about!
We are moving back to Provo in July!!! 
What is that you ask? Aren't we having a baby in June? Yes. Won't that be crazy? Yes.
But where is the excitement in life if things don't get a little crazy here and there.......right?
We are just so excited and grateful and a new house and job and baby all within the same six weeks...
and well, I think it's about as much exciting change as can happen to a couple all at once.
When we left Provo over a year ago, we weren't planning on coming back maybe ever.
But somehow that all changed about six months after we moved and suddenly we missed it.
Not only did we miss Provo, but we felt like that's where we needed to be.
Not that we knew why or how that was going to work- but the Lord always has bigger plans.
And he'll help us settle in to them if we aren't too settled on our own.

So friends in Utah, we're coming for you. And I want to see you.
And let's do things together. And by do things I mean please come over and see me!
I will have a brand new baby and will be a total novice for the first while, so I'll need you.

And I'm dreaming of houses and nurseries and all of our favorite Provo eateries in the meantime.
I'm so proud of Jay, and we could not be more happy or excited for everything that's coming our way the next 3 months!


  1. How fun, congratulations! Provo will welcome you back with open arms!

  2. congratulations!! exciting news for you guys!


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