21 March 2015

28 weeks: lazy Saturdays

I haven't always been able to appreciate lazy Saturdays.
You know, they're just... laazzzyyy. And I never used to be able to handle that.
Saturdays are for projects and errands and if I don't get anything done on Saturdays....
I don't know what I thought. Death? Sinners prison? Lack of living up to anything?
Not to say there weren't lazy Saturdays, but I always felt guilty when there were.

Then into my life waltzed Jay who likes to spend time together on weekends.
[at least when there is no pressing work/homework to be done...novel, right? spending quality time?]
And he showed me the beauty of a lazy Saturday.

Today was one of those Saturdays. We skipped out for the coast Friday evening,
and when we went to bed we didn't even set an alarm.
So we woke up slow, and I read for fun while he read for school,
and we went and got take-out for lunch whenever we felt like eating [2:30 pm],
and watched movies together on the couch [skipping between two because we are adults and we can]
And then we were a little tired so Jay suggested a nap.
My pregnant self slept in until what my former life would call a ridiculously late hour,
so I opted to just cuddle for a minute then skip out on the sleeping part.
And my mind wandered to thinking how much I've loved our lazy Saturdays together,
and how few and far between those will be once this baby girl comes.
And I cried for a few minutes.
And stayed there scratching my sleeping husband's back longer than I intended.
Because far too often I'm overzealous and want time to speed up
and for June and baby and all the rest to be here right away.

But today, on this lazy Saturday, I just wanted time to stop for a half a second.
I just wanted to breath in all these moments of time with Jay [and myself].
I wanted to remember what it feels like to be just us before baby.

I know we will love her. Heavens, a day doesn't go by when we don't talk to and about her.
And I know we will love our little family unit the way it will be when she comes.
But goodness if I'm not grateful for our family unit the way it is now.
So cheers to soaking in the last trimester before baby, and all the good things.

*And cheers to Jess, for making sure we did a maternity shoot before baby comes.
See is a genius and every expecting mom deserves to feel pretty while pregnant. 
[it's harder sometimes than I thought it would be]


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