01 September 2014

16 ways I wish I was more like Brooke.

Today is the 16th birthday of the best teenager I know.
She is really something else, I tell ya, and there's about a million ways I wish I could be more like her. For sake of time and your attention, I'll give you 16.

[1] Her sense of style is above and beyond. I'm serious- the girl was wearing combat boots and blazers when she was 13.
[2] She knows who she is and she isn't ashamed.
[3] She knows how to have fun.
[4] She can eat with the champions. a quality we do share
[5] She is funny. Hot dang the girl is funny.
[6] She speaks the truth, even when it's the uncomfortable, awkward truth.
[7] She's a natural born nurturer and a baby whisperer like our mama.
[8] She has rocking blonde beach wave hair.
[9] She is cool. Though she is both fun and funny that's not what I mean-this girl is cool. 
[10] I don't have to babysit her- ever. aka she is quite the independent little tyke.
[11] She's a great sister. Last time I was sick she called to ask if she could bring me soup, bless her soul.
[12] She loves to read. My mom is constantly saying she can't keep her in books.
[13] She tells people what's up, kindly but sternly.
[14] She can apologize. Brooke is awesome, but she is a teenage girl and so naturally there are sassy moments here and there.... you know? But she knows how to recognize them and say sorry.
[15] She doesn't need boys to feel good about herself. That's my girl!
[16] Even though I'm 8 years older, she still thinks I'm cool enough to hang out with.

When my mom came home from the hospital with Zane, I asked when she was taking him back and bringing a girl home. I cried because I just wanted a little sister. Little did I know it would be a few years, but well worth the wait, to have you come along and make my little dreams come true.

I love you Brooke Elizabeth! You are the best little sister I could have ever hoped to have.
You hot babe you.

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