17 July 2014

a post dedicated to my niece, because I know you're obsessed too....

I know I'm biased.... but I'm not. [is that the highest form of biased?]
I was given the award "most likely to be a Disneyland Aunt [aka obsessed Aunt] at my last work party.
I have the cutest niece of all time and I can't help it- I'm obsessed.

But in my defense, I don't know anyone who doesn't love the chunk.
She's hilarious and awesome and has the biggest personality of any toddler I know.
Jay may have given her a run for her money if we could bring back the mini version of him,
so someday she may have cousins just like her- we'll all be excited to see!

But for now she is her own little independent person, who does whatever she wants.
And she's dang cute.
She's obsessed with rocks and water and has no fear of the ocean.
And some of her bathing suits can [obviously] not contain her awesomeness.
If you aren't in love with this chunky diva by the time you're done with this post,
I don't know who you are.

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