05 March 2014

birth days are the best days.

Oh my goodness, 22 was good to me.

I married my best friend,
had the most beautiful dreamy wedding day surrounded by all the people I love,
visited Florida, Texas, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and Hawaii,
applied for graduation, 
got a big girl job teaching seminary, 
figured out some of my life plan, 
remained confused about the rest.
I learned the very beginnings of how to be married, 
and got to learn like a million new things I love about Jay.
I lost 10 pounds, and learned to love my body better. 
I gained a whole new family, 
and spent my first Christmas away from home. 
I got birthday letters & cupcakes, 
a birthday package
Oh, and a birthday poem from my brother in Argentina.  

Actually, this is too good not to share...... 
That brother of mine is the best, and the funniest. 

Mumford and Sons.
Screaming out my lungs.
Rides in the benz.
I think we're best friendz
Cokes late at night
Hair cut just right
College AND High school
We think we're pretty cool
You a boss big sis.
One I really do miss
I love you Happy Birthday
I'm really glad you married Jay

To give you some background on this rugrat and some of the things he mentioned...
Last fall, we spontaneously roadtripped to Aspen, CO to go to a Mumford and Sons concert. 
I gave him all of his hipster-haircuts when he was at BYU, 
and got to share a year of both my high school and college careers with him.

And to top it all off, Jay and I headed up for a Mini-Vaca in Salt Lake.
We went to Market Street Grill, shopped away some birthday money,
and cuddled up with a movie and two pints of Ben&Jerrys.
That man of mine is such a catch.

I am blessed, and forget it far too often. 
Happy Days,  Happy Birthdays.
Happy Always, everybody.

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